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Rendoor is a service where you can rent leisure equipment.

Service provision and parties

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The service is produced and delivered by Rendoor Oy

Rendoor Oy




The user of the service is called the Customer in these terms. Every company with a Finnish business ID and any private person with a Finnish personal ID can register as a Customer of the Service.

By reserving the service, the Customer accepts these terms of use as binding and is responsible for complying with them. At the same time, an agreement is created between the Customer and Rendoor Oy.

The Customer is responsible for the use of the Service and authorizes the persons or companies who are entitled to use the Service on behalf of the Customer. The right of use cannot be transferred to another Customer in any other way without the consent of Rendoor Oy. Any changes to the usage rights related to the transfer or merger of the company to another company are the responsibility of the Customer.


Rendoor Oy does not monitor the content of the messages it transmits to the Service, except for virus and malware scanning of the messages and attachments. The sender of the message or the party who provided the material to the Service, ie the Customer, is responsible for the form and content of the messages and any links they contain, as well as the accuracy of the information.

Rendoor Oy has the right to process the material in the Service for the administration of the Service.

The Customer ensures that the material imported into the Service with its links is in accordance with the law and good practice and does not infringe copyright or is otherwise illegal.

The Customer is responsible for not bringing into the Service material that contains viruses or other features that interfere with the operation of the system, and for not spreading or otherwise handling such material in a way that causes harm.

Customer agrees not to use the Service to send illegal or infringing content, harmful or disruptive messages, such as spam, chain letters, or unsolicited mass mailings.

After the detection of misconduct, the Customer may be excluded from the service and a criminal report will be made for the misconduct when the characteristics of the crime are met.

If the content of the material provided by the Customer is in violation of the terms of use, Rendoor Oy is not obliged to deliver the Service to this.

If it becomes apparent that the material or content submitted to the Service infringes another's intellectual property rights, is contrary to law or these Terms of Use, or may otherwise cause damage, Rendoor Oy has the right to remove such material or content.


Rendoor Oy may temporarily suspend (interrupt) the Service due to modifications or repairs or measures caused by system maintenance. The customer should take into account the effects of the outage on his or her own communications (the effects of outages are regulated, for example, by the Act on Electronic Transactions in Public Administration).

Rendoor Oy is not responsible for any damage caused to the Customer due to a technical failure, delay, loss, damage, or misdirection of the content material.

Rendoor Oy is not liable for any accident, material damage or personal injury resulting from the misuse of the services.


The customer is responsible for his own safety when using Rendoor Oy's services.

In accordance with the above, the Customer is responsible for the content and presentation of the material sent or otherwise processed by or through the Service.

The customer is responsible for the condition of the rental service, such as the waterworthiness of the rowing boat. The damaged service must not be used, but must be reported to Rendoor Oy.

If the Customer's rented item, such as a rowing boat, is lost, he or she must contact Rendoor Oy immediately. If the Customer fails to do so, the Customer bears the risk of any financial damage that may result from the misuse of the service.

The Customer is responsible for the costs, operation and data security of the equipment, software and communications and telecommunications connections with which he uses the Service.

The customer must ensure that the service to be booked is not in a worse condition than before the service. In addition, the customer must take care to carefully lock the service to be booked after use.


Finnish law applies between Rendoor Oy and the Customer to this service